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Experience & Expertise

The incredible sound effects you’ll hear from Sweet SFX are a culmination of experience and expertise. Many years of working in-house with some of the best game developers in the industry has enabled us to build a truly brilliant team of sound designers. What’s more, we have multiple years of recording experience and hundreds of vehicles in our sound library collection. As Sounding Sweet, we have worked on a wealth of game projects, from sonically sumptuous triple-A console blockbusters to creatively daring mobile games. Our portfolio ranges from titles as diverse as Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon 4, Guitar Hero Live, MotoGP 17 and MotoGP 19 and Heroic – Magic Duel.

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Facilities & Equipment

Here at Sounding Sweet our tasty facilities are what sets us apart from the competition. Our studios have been built from the ground up for a single purpose – crafting quality audio! Muscular hardware and acoustic precision mean that every sound made, recorded, mixed, or mastered at our premises is flawless. The environment has been carefully considered in order to optimise creativity and performance! Bright, spacious and just homely enough, it is a setting that is comfortable and clear. Perfect for our sound designers to find their flow and deliver incredible sound effects libraries!

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Get In Touch

We like a sweet deal like anybody else, so if you are planning on buying several library licenses for your company or collaborators, feel free to contact us at sfx@soundingsweet.com and we’ll work something out together.

Happy sound designing!

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