Black Powder Weapons





Welcome to the Black Powder Weapons sound effects library, a meticulously crafted collection that captures the distinctive boom and crack of this historic weaponry. Immerse yourself in the chaos of the battlefield with our extensive library from mighty naval cannons to bolt action rifles. Each blast will transport you back in time, invoking the awe-inspiring might of these massive weapons. All the weaponry was recorded with an armoury of top-quality microphones to capture the essence of black powder with remarkable clarity.

Additionally, video files have been included which are time aligned within the DAW sessions to show which weapon is firing, alongside a diagram highlighting the microphone position currently playing.



Surround files of the weaponry were recorded at distance, as well as nearer mono and stereo perspectives.

Every recorder is timecode-synced for simple DAW session reconstruction. This makes it incredibly easy to align every mic perspective from a chosen shot. We have included ready-made Reaper and Pro Tools sessions.

Delivered uncompressed in 96kHz and 24-bit, the library contains detail, nuance and offers you full creative freedom.



To help you quickly find the sounds you are looking for, we have included extensive metadata in every file. Our file naming and metadata is created according to UCS standards and can be read by audio management and librarian tools such as Soundminer & Basehead.




Standard Pack
Audio files 855
Compressed size 4.26 GB
Uncompressed size 5.77 GB
Quality 96kHz / 24-bit
Format WAV
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